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My name is Mark, but you might know me better as Rowdy. I have attended a total of 394 of Sydney FC’s competitive matches, plus at least 56 friendlies.

My day job is in statistics, but it’s not really the same thing as this.


I am very grateful to the following people for contributing to this project:

  • James and Grant for setting up and hosting the man-of-the-match voting at SFCU

If you would like to contribute in any way, check out my wishlist, and get in contact.


As well as the direct contributors listed above, this project would not be possible without:



Everything here is unofficial, but I have been as careful as possible to ensure accuracy. I have not scraped results or statistics from a single source. Where possible, I have collected match details myself while watching footage of the game, and have also relied on official match results when available. Otherwise, or to resolve discrepancies, I have used:

Other specific sources:

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