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View a random match

I’ve just added one new simple feature to view the details of a random match. Click here for the men’s team or here for the women’s team, and let the nostalgia roll.

Also, a minor change regarding the last update: now the average age (rather than halfway between the youngest and oldest) is shown as white. So blue shading denotes younger-than-average and orange shading denotes older-than-average players.

Age and appearances added to match results page

The squad list on the match results page for both men’s and women’s teams now includes the age of every player and — for those who made it onto the field — how many Sydney FC appearances they have made. You can switch between them by clicking on the column header. If things look a bit out-of-whack the first time you go to a page, try Shift+F5 to reload the style sheet.

Ages are shaded relative to the youngest and oldest players to appear on a SFC team sheet. The more blue they are, the closer to the youngest ever player (currently Dean Bouzanis vs Urawa and Teigen Allen vs CCM), while darker orange denotes players who are closer to the oldest player (ADP vs Victory or Lisa De Vanna in the latest match), with white being the midpoint.

Appearances appear darker blue the closer the player is to the highest-ever appearance maker: currently Alex Brosque (247) and Teresa Polias (109).

Minor update: Match stats corrected

Thanks to SFCU user b0b_444, I’ve corrected a minor error in the details of Sydney’s 2005 Pre-Season Cup match against Queensland in Cairns. It appears it was actually Steve Corica rather than Andrew Packer who made way for substitute Joe Schirripa in the 84th minute.

We’re still unable to find the details of Queensland’s subs that night, with news reports suggesting that Royce Brownlie entered the match at some stage, but no indication of the time or who he replaced. If you know, please get in touch!